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Thermatek cool roof tiles are bringing relief to Maharashtra from hot summer

Malegaon in North Maharashtra has recently recorded a scorching 40.8 deg cel, the highest day temperature for the location so far. Lohegaon and shivaji nagar have also recorded 37.5 deg cel. The IMD predicts that Pune may soon touch 40 deg cel.

Mumbai is witnessing high temperatures of 38.7 deg cel.

Thermatek heat resistant tiles scatter solar radiation back to the atmosphere and protect our homes from rising temperatures. The radiation scattered by Thermatek heat reflective tiles can be utilised for increasing electricity generation by installing roof top solar panels.

Our offered cool roof tiles are considered a cost-effective flooring choice that’s also environmentally friendly. You’ll use tiles that are made up of weather resistant ceramic materials. These tiles also generally carry a longer lifetime than different flooring option. An energy-efficient roof will save you money on utility bills and put less strain on your home’s air conditioning system. It will add value to your home while also keeping them cool when the temperatures rise.

Thermatek Green products provides complete installation services for tile flooring & tile installation. Here you will find everything you need to know about. Thermatek heat reflective tiles are also available in select designs. Thus we are fastest growing manufacturer of Heat Resistant or Reflective Tiles in all over India.

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