India has embarked on a journey to increase solar roof top electricity generation. Thermatek products are helping increase the electricity generation from roof top solar panels.

How does thermatek help reducing the carbon foot print?

When thermatek tiles/paints are installed on the terrace floor under the solar panels, its high reflectivity and emissivity sends radiation back to the panels from the surface of the building terrace. Without thermatek products, this radiation would be absorbed by the building, increasing the internal temperature which will either decrease the comfort levels or increase the heat load of the building.

What is the effectiveness of thermatek products?

Effectiveness in Bifacial solar panels:

  • Peak Power Efficiency ( generally 18%) increased by 3-4 %. Conversion of sunlight into current increased from 18% to 22%
  • Increase in Solar Reflectance upto 0.60 may provide a gain of 10%- 15%
  • Decrease in temperature of panel provides a gain of 3%
  • Orientation and height provides a gain of 5%

So the total gain in bifacial panel can be in the region of 20%

Effectiveness in monofaial solar panels:

  • Gain in the region of 6-8% on account of reduced panel temperature of 2-3 degrees/ orientation and height/ increasing albedo of surrounding environment of panels (parapet walls etc).
  •  Increase in duration of generation of current in a day observed on using THERMATEK high reflective solutions.
  • Adoption of solar power generation policy in states increase the adoption of solar panels for electricity generation by retail sector thereby providing opportunity to tap into segment through panel installers that can use the gains accrued by use of THERMATEK solutions to promote their panels.
  • Indian railways as institution is adopting the concept for various infrastructures like railway stations/ loco factories/civil buildings etc
  • CII-IGBC Hyderabad has adopted the concept and has observed the solar panel gain to the tune of 20%

One of the projects benefitting from Thermatek high reflective solutions

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