Ans: Thermatek is a roof covering and surface treatment for special purpose. The purpose is to reduce the heating of the roof, which happens during hot summer days.

Ans: Thermatek products are made using unique materials which don’t get heated when exposed to sun. Thus when a surface is covered with Thermatek, the body or the building below the surface also doesn’t get heated.

Ans: On a hot summer afternoon If you walk bare foot on a normal surface it will burn your feet. The surface temperature goes above 70 Deg C in many cases. When the same surface is covered with Thermatek the temperature is lowered by 17 to 20 Deg C. The result is that a person can comfortably walk barefoot on the surface.

Ans: There are studies which confirm that for the top floor, 60 to 70% heat enters through the roof which has not been heat proofed. The result is unbearable conditions inside. The air conditioners are overloaded to maintain the temperature.

When the roof is covered with any Thermatek product, the heating of the roof is reduced by more than 50%. This results in lower temperature of the entire roof assembly by about 8 to 10 Deg C. Thus the inside of the building becomes comfortable. This is noticed easily by the air coming from overhead fan. The air from Ceiling fan will feel cooler when Thermatek is installed.

Ans: Thermatek offers broadly three product categories

  1. Ceramic Tiles
  2. Cement based Tiles
  3. Thermatek Paint.


  1. Thermatek Ceramic Heat Reflective Tiles: A tile made from unique materials developed by the founders of Thermatek. This give it the best Heat Reflective property unmatched in the world. The inert and strong ceramic material is chemically stable and long lasting. The high strength of the tiles make it a ideal surface for terraces. Aesthetically pleasing appearance and is easy to clean and maintain make it a natural choice for heat proofing.
  2. Thermatek Cement Heat Resistant TerraceTile: This is the first heat reflective tile in the world and was developed by the founder Mr. Ashok Ganpule. He spent 25 years doing R&D in heat proofing of buildings and various materials. Thus Thermatek Cement tile was developed. This tile is patented and is specified in various Government projects. The cement surface can be polished to get a terrazzo or mosaic tile look.
  3. Thermatek Heat Reflective Paint: Also called Cool Roof Paint. It is a unique paint that can be applied on various surfaces like Cement Sheets RCC Terraces and Metal Sheets. The paint is a versatile product which can be easily applied without any major civil work. It is an ideal product for sloping roofs and for getting instant heat proofing of the building.

Ans: The Heat reflective tiles are called as Hear Resistant Terrace Tiles, Cool Roof Tiles, Heat Reducing Tiles, High Albedo Tiles, Terrace Heat Proof Tiles, and Heat Proof Tiles. Similarly Paint is also identified by the same nomenclature by replacing tiles with paint or coating

Ans: Application of Thermatek products is after the final treatment of waterproofing of terrace or roof. Thermatek products do not interfere or affect the water proofing treatment. In fact the lowering of temperature of the surface will prolong the life of the water proofing chemicals. Also due to lowering of temperature the overall thermal expansion is reduced. The stress on the roof assembly also decreases.

Ans: Yes Thermatek products when applied with waterproofing treatment will give better bonding of the layers and chances of damage during application will reduce.

Ans: Thermatek offers the widest range of heat reflective products in the world. There is product for every need.

  1. Thermatek Paint: For sloping roofs like Metal Sheets, Sloping slabs, Cement Sheet Roofing are ideal for application of Thermatek Paint. Also the RCC terraces where civil work for application of tiles is not desired can get the same results with use of paint. Overhead Water Tanks, Oil Storage tanks. Refrigerated vehicles and containers.
  2. Thermatek Ceramic tiles: This is a product ideal for RCC terraces, Swimming pool decks, Temple Parikrama, Outdoor garden paths and walkways.
  3. Thermatek Heat Resistant Terrace Tile (Cement based): They are for getting an appearance of terrazzo or mosaic tile. The surface can be polished to desired level as per choice.

Ans: Thermatek is available across India. We have a network of dealers. If you are unable to locate a dealer the material can be supplied directly.

Ans: There is no need for any specialized applicator. Any good painter can apply paint and similarly any good tile applicator or mason can install tiles. The process is similar to any other paint or tile. However a detailed application method data sheet is available on our website or for further clarification our office or representative will guide you.

Ans: Thermatek cement tiles will last for about 10 to 15 years.

Thermatek ceramic tiles have a very long lifespan. They have a very long life and will only stop functioning till it is removed or damaged.

Thermatek Paint: The life of paint is about 5 to 7 years on sloping roofs and 3 to 5 years on flat roofs (subject to the usage and movement on the surface.)

The above is information is for general guidance and does not constitute direct or implied guarantees and warranties.