Cool Mortar

Cool Mortar

The Supplement

Sometimes you need comfort, more than style. ISHAAN INDUSTRIES offers you THERMATEK® COOL MORTAR in dry-mix form for thermal comfort and sustainability.

THERMATEK® Cool Mortar is a carefully proportioned blend of white cement, well-graded sand and selected assortment of fine metal and mineral stabilizers to provide a heat barrier to your building.

THERMATEK® Cool Mortar produces a high-quality mortar with excellent handling and laying characteristics when mixed with water.

When used as a complement to THERMATEK® Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles, the THERMATEK® Cool Mortar will provide enough insulation and heat reflectance that eliminates the need for additional insulation like PUF, XPS, Thermacole etc.

THERMATEK® Cool Mortar is available through the same channels as other flagship range of ISHAAN products with THERMATEK® brand – THERMATEK® Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles and THERMATEK® Heat Reflective Paint


  1. In all forms of masonry work
  2. Planned decorative and different surface finishing with heat proofing property
  3. Roofs and walls

Availability : In bags of 50 Kgs

USP : Excellent handling and layering characteristics

Type : Powder form


Thermatek Roofing Assembly

Thermatek Roofing Assembly is a Mixed Product Application, made up of Thermatek Heat Resistant Tiles and Thermatek Cool Mortar. This mixed product application is meant for assuring functional harmony and maximize performance.

Test certified by

 TUV, Singapore and Conforms to ECBC / LEED / IGBC Roofing standards