ISHAAAN INDUSTRIES provides you with access to a wide range of products that offers you unexpected Thermal Comfort, under the brand name THERMATEK® Check out our HEAT RESISTANT TERRACE TILES, THERMATEK® COOL MORTAR, and THERMATEK® Colored Heat Reflective Paint. Our products have undergone various qualification processes and testing. We assure you shorter lead times through our well-defined supply chains with regional contacts.

Why Choose our Products?

THERMATEK® is popularly known for protecting your houses from skyrocketing temperatures and harmful sun rays that penetrate through the roof into the building as heat. Imagine your Indian house in a normal summer. In India, the average temperature is 32° C. In this case, up to 1200 w/m2 of solar radiation reaches the roof top. The intensity of heat is high. Using THERMATEK® alleviates solar heating loads inside the building which in turn lowers electricity requirements. Our products are meant to boost comfort, control cooling costs, and add years to your roof.

Following are a few advantages of THERMATEK®:

• The best means to counteract the deleterious effects of high heat levels • The push to lower temperature inside home for thermal comfort • Proven Energy Efficiency • Environmental Friendly & Responsible • Heat Resistant • Durable • Savings on cooling costs • Increases the life of roofs • Quick installation • Requires Minimum Maintenance

Hero Product -Heat Resistant Terrace Tile

Known for its cooling functionality, THERMATEK® Heat Resistant Terrace Tile is the backbone of our business. It is our signature product that incorporates new and advanced technology for keeping buildings and homes cool. Our product protects your home from harmful solar radiation and the absorption of heat through roofs.

Our Heat Resistant Tiles are durable and ideally suited for special projects and homes. Moreover, usage of our products allows you to minimize costs from the initial planning stages. And, even if your home is getting renovated, you can use our tiles by applying directly over the existing terrace as a heat-resistant cover and thus, save a lot of money.

We are proud to announce that this product has won public approval. Field assessment of roof systems with THERMATEK® not only evaluates existing performance attributes but also exhibits the strong physical properties of the 30+ evaluated roofs in hot climatic zones.

THERMATEK® Heat Resistant Terrace Tile surpasses the challenges of other cool roof products such as reflective coatings, foam insulators, and porous insulators.