Ceramic Cool Roof Tiles

Ceramic Cool Roof Tiles

Ceramic Cool Roof Tiles is a unique collection of tiles that keep the harsh heat and the harmful rays of sun away from your home. Moreover, these tiles are aesthetically appealing and provide a clean appearance of your terrace, balcony or courtyard.

The best aspect about our product is that it is 25% more efficient than any other cool roof technology in the world. While manufacturing this product using the indigenous ceramic technology, we have conformed to the IS standards laid down for ceramic tiles and have complied with the guidelines laid by ECBC/BEE/TERI/IGBC/MOEF/CPWD for energy efficient roofs.

Thermatek’s Ceramic Cool Roof Tiles reflect substantial solar heat and help maintain lower temperature below the roof. Experience a cool and calm home with our roof cooling tiles. Our range of cool roof tiles is also equipped with other essential features like high traction and slip resistance to ensure safety from harmful solar rays.

Whether your home is in a tropical region or in a dry desert region, cool roof tiles by Thermatek can help you reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills. These tiles can be utilised on roofs, terraces and open flooring spaces such as verandahs. Made from durable ceramic material, they are robust, resistant to wear and tear and will last for many years.

We are a leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Cool Roof Tiles in India. Ceramic Cool Roof Tiles by Thermatek is created by devising a process of glazing that makes the tiles reflect most of the solar heat.

So, time to be environmentally responsible and contribute a bit towards the environment by installing environment-friendly cool roof tiles at your home. Our roof cooling tiles reduce the consumption of energy and thus, help to save the ozone layer.






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