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Ceramic or vitrified?

Many consumers have this question – whether to use ceramic tiles or vitrified tiles?

Lets first understand what is ceramic and what is vitrified

What is ceramic ?

The word “ ceramics “ comes the Greek work “ keramos” which burnt stuff, typically products produced by heat treatment of earthly raw materials

Ceramic is also an art and science of making and using solid articles which have as their essential component, and are composed in large part of, inorganic, non-metallic materials. This definition includes:

Pottery, porcelain, refractories, structural clay products, abrasives, porcelain  enamels, cements, glass, non-metallic magnetic materials, ferroelectrics and manufactured single crystals.

Vitrified ( vitrification):

To vitrify is to make “glass- like” and the vitrification process is defined as as the process of densification with the aid of a viscous liquid phase. Vitrification is a major firing process for a great majority of silicate systems. A viscous liquid silicate is formed at the firing temperature and serves as a bond for the body. So there is some amount of vitrification in almost all silicate ceramics.   

So this makes us clear that vitrification is part of ceramic manufacturing process. So vitrified tiles are also ceramic tiles but with a greater degree of vitrification. So much so that these tiles can be polished.

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