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Thermatek – Thermal Barriers is a part of 100 year old Ceramic Manufacturing Company (Parshuram Pottery Works Co. Ltd), founded by the Late Shri Parshuram Balwant Ganpule. Thermatek is based in Bilimora and Morbi, Gujarat. It is presently managed by Mr. Amit Ashok Ganpule and Mr. Rohit Ashok Ganpule. Mr. Ashok Anant Ganpule is the inventor of Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles.

Later, the two brothers developed a ceramic tile with Cool Roof properties, which today has the Highest SRI (Solar Reflective Index) in the world. Moreover, our core strength is that we have housed the widest range of Cool Roof Products.


Ceramic Cool Roof Tiles

Manufactured using indigenous ceramic technology. Easy to install and maintenance free. 25% more efficient than any other cool roof technology in the world.

Cement Cool Roof Tiles

A unique, patented, stand-alone over deck, multilayered, non-porous, dense, dry-look, and thermal insulation product designed to integrate seamlessly with the concrete roof system.

Colored Heat Reflective Paint

Long Lasting Premium Exterior Paint- life of minimum 7 years. Easy on pocket as well as on environment.

Cool Mortar

Recognizing a new reality beyond style, to thermal comfort and sustainability, Cool Mortar is a high-quality innovation in the dry-mix form.

Why Choose us?

It’s Easy to Make your Home Feel like an Air-Conditioner
THERMATEK® is being marketed to block skyrocketing temperatures from penetrating through the roof into the building as heat. Did you know under very clear skies, up to 1200 w/m2 of solar radiation reaches the roof top? The resultant roof temperature can rise above ambient air temperatures by as much as 32° C.  Imagine ordinary household hair dryers every 10 feet in both directions of your two-dimensional array: that is the intensity of the sun’s energy incident upon a roof top.  The radiation the roofs capture from the sun ingresses to the building interior. Using THERMATEK® alleviates solar heating loads inside the building which in turn lowers electricity requirements.  In other words, the interactive activities of occupants with THERMATEK® installed building to maximize comfort empower the resident and return to him the control over his cooling costs and roof longevity.

All this discussion leads to some expected insights into the advantages of THERMATEK® which are:

  • The best means to counteract the deleterious effects of high heat levels
  • The push to lower the temperature inside home for thermal comfort
  • Proven energy efficient- Low electricity usage and costs
  • Heat resistant
  • Long- term performance
  • Saving the environment from greenhouse gases
  • Heavy Savings on cooling costs
  • The way to extend the life of roofs
  • User friendly installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Low Maintenance

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Mr. Pratik Bhai Parekh CEO

I have used Thermatek paint on my two factory sheds and a small balcony extension at my home. I have found remarkable difference in heating of building due to heat entering from roofs. My factory work place has become much more comfortable to work. The efficiency of the workers which showed a decline in summer has increased. The results we got are matching the claims made for Thermatek paint.

V. Ravichandran & Co

The quality of work executed by Thermatek is quite satisfactory. Heat Resistant Tiles by Thermatek has considerably reduced the heat on the First Floor and has definitely resulted in lower electricity bills in summers. I am also planning to use Thermatek Tiles for our future projects.

Mr. Umesh Gaba, Faridabad, Haryana -

The Thermatek Heat Resistant Tiles (Ceramic Based) are performing very well. I have used these tiles on my residence on terrace I opted for using the same on my exposed wall of my residence because of temperature difference. The temperature of top floor has come down. I will use it in my other building and factories.

Brig. Mulk Raj, Delhi

Walking bare foot on the terrace is now possible after installation of the Thermatek Heat Resistant Tiles (Ceramic Based) in my house. I will recommend the tiles to my friends & acquaintance.

Dr. Pahawa, Hisar, Haryana

The temperature difference shown as demo between ordinary cement tile and Thermatek Heat Resistant Tiles (Cement Based) convinced me to use the tile in our hospital.

Mr. Deepak, Delhi

After installation there was noticeable temperature difference on my roof and the roof of other neighbors.

AR. Sanjeev Sangal

The use of Thermatek Heat Reflective Paint in the residence of my relative helped in tackling heat ingress through walls exposed to sun.

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