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ISHAAN INDUSTRIES has emerged from parts of and as a spin-off from the activities of the Parshuram Potteries Ltd, the pioneer in the manufacture of ceramic-ware in India. The Company, with the best-of-breed technology, offers you fresh and sophisticated cool solutions to any type of project. Our ethos is one of continual research and development reflecting the radical innovation occurring within high-performance building movement. This allows us to provide you with access to our mainstream product, THERMATEK® Heat Resistant Terrace Tile, complemented by listed product set that include THERMATEK ® Cool Mortar and THERMATEK ® Colored Heat Reflective Paint.

Our signature and listed products ingest everything that is massive evidence of whatever cool attributes you can pick up as necessary as you use all sorts of material testing to zoom in several green characteristics.


Many technically relevant characteristics built into our product set are cool roof-specific which you may call summarily green concerns - energy, environment and human health. Within the limits of these concerns, we succumb to the relative parsimony of hermeneutic framework to outline the constitutive features including:

  • Their rigidity, formability, weatherability and ease-of-application
  • The balance of physical properties with chemical dynamics that allows you to integrate our product(s) into every design and construction practices
  • Their fitting in tests of utility and green value
  • Their grounding in technical resourcefulness that incorporates many critical determinants of high-performance cool roofing systems as measured by three properties - solar reflectance (SR), thermal emittance (TE), and longevity
  • Their conferring spin-off benefits marked with credibility toward green points of view: economics, energy and the environment
  • Their utilitarian pattern of force in terms of building’s reduced cooling load, energy savings and global warming mitigation
  • Their use for purposes of enhanced occupant comfort and reduced urban heat island effect and smog
  • Their admirable effectiveness that violates your expectations and experience with unwise choice of roofing systems
  • Their compatibility with the roof membrane and the structural deck

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