Salient Features

  • Manufactured using indigenous ceramic technology (Patent Pending)
  • High SRI: 104
  • Reduce the surface temp by up to 20 deg C
  • Easy to install and maintenance free
  • Light weight, yet strong usable top layer to roofs
  • Anti-skid, stain free, aesthetically appealing and clean appearance of terrace
  • 25 % more efficient than any other cool roof technology in the world
  • Conform to the IS standards laid down for ceramic tiles
  • Comply with guidelines laid by ECBC/BEE/TERI/IGBC/MOEF/CPWD for energy efficient roofs


Type Ceramic
Appearance White Glossy Grainy & Marble Grainy
Materials Used Infrared Resistive Composition (Non-degradable)
Tile Thickness 10mm (+/- 1 mm)
Tile Sizes 300mm X 300mm
Tile Weight 1.875 Kgs
Water Permeability Impervious to Water
Average Water Absorption 7.139 (ISO 10545-3)
Modulus of Rupture MOR 225 KG/CM2
MOH’S Hardness 5.55 (EN-101)
Stain Resistance Class 1 (ISO 10545-14)
Surface Abrasion Class 4 (ISO 10545-7)
Crazing Test 7 Cycle Pass (ISO 10545-11)
Chemical Household Class B (ISO 10545-13)
Solar Reflective Index (SRI) 104 (ASTM E 1980)
Reflectance 0.8298 (ASTM E 903)
Emittance 0.862 (ASTM E 1371)
Status Indian Patent & International Patent Applied