The Supplement

Recognizing a new reality beyond style, to thermal comfort and sustainability, the ISHAAN INDUSTRIES offers you a listed product, THERMATEK® COOL MORTAR in dry-mix form.

THERMATEK® Cool Mortar is a carefully proportioned blend of white cement, well-graded sand and selected assortment of fine metal and mineral stabilizers to provide a heat barrier to your building.

When mixed with water, THERMATEK® Cool Mortar produces a high quality mortar with excellent handling and laying characteristics.

THERMATEK® Cool Mortar is ideally suited for use in all forms of masonry work.

When used as a complement to THERMATEK® Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles, the THERMATEK® Cool Mortar will provide enough insulation and heat reflectance that eliminates the need for additional insulation like PUF, XPS, Thermacole etc.

THERMATEK® Cool Mortar is available through the same channels as other flagship range of ISHAAN products with THERMATEK® brand - THERMATEK® Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles and THERMATEK® Heat Reflective Paint. 

THERMATEK® Cool Mortar is available in bags of 50 Kgs.

Benefits of using THERMATEK® COOL MORTAR

  • A specialized high albedo product with low thermal conductivity
  • Ideal for planned decorative and different surface finishing with heat proofing property
  • Strong and high load bearing surface similar to any cement sand mortar
  • Ease of application to roof and walls to provide tough, durable and flexible playing surface.
  • Less shrinkage and thus less prone to cracks